Pre on Car Touchstone

Bluetooth Stereo Automation

Here is a little personal project that I have been working on for the past month or so.

Pre on Car Touchstone

Pre on Car Touchstone

Basically, my Palm Pre comes with Stereo Bluetooth to listen to music wirelessly on music peripherals like headphones and stereos. You can also buy something called a “Touchstone” for it which is a magnetic inductive charger. What this means is that you can charge the Pre without even plugging any cables into it, it does it through induction.

Vent Mount

Car Touchstone

So, these Touchstones only come for your desk, but I modded it to work in my car with a Sprint MicroUSB car charger and by sawing off and epoxying it to a universal GPS vent mount. This way I can use the Turn-by-Turn Navigation app and Google Maps on my Pre like a GPS car unit.

Vent Mount

Vent Mount

Then, I purchased a Sony Xplod Bluetooth Car Stereo, so that my Pre could wirelessly play music through the car stereo.

Sony Xplod

The pièce de résistance is this developer app called Mode Switcher, that lets you define different events on your Palm Pre. Its a lot like Automator for Mac OSX.

So, I programmed within Mode Switcher that upon the Pre being docked onto my Touchstone AND connecting to the Sony Xplod via Bluetooth (I have a Touchstone on my desk at home and don’t want these events happening then too, only when I am in my car) that a couple events happen:

-The Pre’s CPU overclocks to 800mhz (this is because it gets a bit sluggish when I am using Google Maps, Turn-by-Turn Navigation and the music app together with bluetooth stereo)

-The screens brightness maximizes to 100% for good visibility

-The Music app on my Pre automatically opens and starts off where I left off listening to music.

So this way, all I have to do is put my phone on the docking car charger I built and voila, my music magically starts again through my car speakers.

When I take the phone off the car charger, it then stops the music and closes the music app, and puts everything back to the normal brightness and settings I want for my phone in daily use.

Also: when connected to the Bluetooth Car Stereo, I can answer calls through my car stereo, and it mutes and pauses the music when I am chatting, starting the music up again from where I left off when I end the call…

Heres a video of it in action:

Pretty coool….

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