La Vie En Rose

Hey, I am a bit late on this one, but better late than never.

For Valentines Day, I was commissioned by one of my employers, Haft2 to help create a microsite as a sort of “virtual card” for our clients:

Rather than send out the traditional greeting, we decided to do something fun and unique.

We sent out a physical Valentines in the mail, with a pair of extremely high-tech rose coloured glasses:


Only with these glasses are you able to encode the visually encrypted messages on the website. Using colour subtraction the pink tint in the glasses filter out a pink screen we overlayed onto the website, revealing a message beneath. The message below is written in a blue hue that is on the opposite spectrum of the color wheel, and so the glasses do not filter it out. This is some serious “Ghostwriter” shit we got going on here!

Unfortunately it was not within our budget to give out these glasses to all 2 billion people that use the internet, so you can click a button in the upper right corner to “virtualize” the effect and see what it would have looked like if you one of the lucky ones to receive the glasses. Maybe in the future when we all have 3D printers we can make a 3d printer file available to everyone to “download” the glasses. Someday…

I always am very fortunate to work on these microsites that incorporate some element of mixed reality; partially co-existing in the virtual and physical worlds in some way. This was not even my idea and yet it still fits in with what I enjoy doing so I am glad I was able to work on something like this.

The site was scripted in HTML and JQuery/Javascript for those curious.

Again, you can check out the site, here




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